Preference #30: Morning Sex - Narry

So, I thought I would give this a try again. It’s more on the sweeter side,  so if you wanted something a little rougher, you can send me requests in my askbox and I’ll happily write others!

Niall’s eyes flutter open as he looks wearily at the ceiling.

Specks of dust swirl in and out of the harsh sunlight peaking through thick, heavy curtains. The soft purr of breathing and light snores fill the room with calmness.

He turns his head and sees the slow rise and fall of his lovers chest, the messiness of his chocolate-brown curls, and the innocence of his face.

He smiled at the sight of him sleeping soundly and cuddled closer to him. He reached his hand out to Harry, and placed it on his chest.

Tracing small designs with his fingertips, he began leaving small kisses along his neck, jawline and cheeks. A low, throaty moan escaped Harry’s lips as he turned his head.

Niall drew closer; leaving more sloppy, wet kisses. He softly nibbled on Harry’s ear, and trailed his hands under the blanket, and down Harry’s torso. As he toyed with the elastic of Harry’s boxers, he turned to him.

"Ni, what are you doing?" He asked with squinting eyes. He placed one hand on Niall’s, and the other cupping his face. Niall leaned into his hand and smiled. "Nothing." Niall said simply as he leaned in to kiss him.

Harry happily accepted the kiss, and slowly it began to grow heated. Their tongues fought for dominance, and their breath grew heavy.

Harry trailed his hand up Niall’s muscular arm, as Niall reached back down to Harry’s boxers. He began rubbing him over the fabric, and Harry let out a moan. He trusted into Niall’s hand and swiveled his hips, creating more friction.

Harry gasped at the pleasure and broke the kiss. He pressed his lips to Niall’s neck and sucked at his perfect pale skin while his hand rested on Niall’s shoulder. 

Niall slipped his hand under Harry’s boxers, and held his warm, throbbing member in his hand.

"Holy shhh… Ni." Harry groaned into his neck. He pulled off his boxers, as Niall took him in his mouth. 

He bobbed his head, and pumped his hand as Harry tugged on Niall’s blonde locks. 

"Jesus, Niall. I need you.. Now." He whimpered, as he released Niall’s hair, in favour of the bed sheets. Niall giggled as he reached over to the drawer, and grabbed the bottle of lubricant. 

He sat between Harry’s spread legs and squirted some lube onto his index finger. He prodded at his boyfriends pink, puckered hole. Harry moaned again, and stroked himself in attempt to get himself to loosen up.

Niall slipped his middle finger in, and began to spread them apart lightly, loosening him up. Soon we has pumping his fingers into him and Harry couldn’t take it anymore. 

"Fuck! Niall, please!" He yelled as he pulled at the pillow under his head, arching his back.

Niall slipped his fingers out and lubed up his hard, throbbing cock. He leaned over Harry and kissed his soft, pink lips. He flipped them so Harry was now on top. 

"I want you to ride me, baby." Niall demanded as Harry scrambled placing Niall at his entrance. 

He slid down Niall’s long dick, “Fuck..” They moaned in union. Harry had his hands on Niall’s chest, and Niall’s on Harry’s hips, pushing him down hard on his cock.

"I’m gonna cum soon." Niall moaned between clenched teeth, pumping Harry’s dick, and fucking him harder. "I want you to cum in me." Harry half-whispered as he panted. 

Niall’s warm juices shot up Harry. Harry’s back arched in pleasure as he, too, came. Niall slowly stroked Harry’s dick as he came down from his high.

Harry hunched forward, sweaty and panting. He pulled himself off of Niall’s dick and lied down beside him. 

Soon, they fell back asleep; wrapped in each other’s warm embrace.

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